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We work with your company and provide you with a solution using Chatbots and Artificial intelligence.
Our platform is web based and there is no programming needed from your side.
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What is Artificial Intelligence?

We work with Artificial Intelligence and apply it to help companies automate their interactions. The interactions we are most used to automate are in a Customer Support scope and on Marketing environments.

Artificial Intelligence is a wide concept: we use Machine Learning to train our system in specific tasks that need automation and Natural Language Processing so the machine can better understand different commands or sentences addressed to it.

What are Chatbots?

The word chatbot comes from putting together the words Chat and Robot, so it’s a robot that lives within a chat platform. A chatbot is a program that runs inside messaging platforms, as for example Facebook Messenger.

The premise is that a Chatbot is available 24 hours per day and answers automatically to questions or actions it receives without the need of a human being.

Chatbots for Customer Support

Chatbots can be applied to different contexts, as for example Customer Support. Companies often deal with numerous and repeated requests from their audience, and because they are repeated it means that they can be automated. We provide a web  based solution to help you tackle this problem.



We start by creating a Knowledge Base together with the company. This Knowledge Base includes the FAQ’s already available in the company’s website and also their history of interactions (from Facebook Messenger, for example).


We apply our technology, which has components of Machine Learning and Natural Language processing, and then Visor.ai becomes able to answer the questions that arrive to your customer support through chat channels.


When a question arrives and Visor.ai doesn’t know how to answer it, it scales the question to a live agent, who can then answer the user in our platform. By doing so, the live agent can take the opportunity to teach Visor.ai and automate that same answer for future questions that arrive.

Chatbots for Marketing

Chatbots for marketing are becoming a trend and a must have. These address several existing and costly challenges, as for example, avoid to develop native apps, which often need to be for Android and iOS, don’t get that many installs and need constant support efforts.

Chatbots for marketing in Facebook Messenger have many advantages. Among the main ones, we can point out the value of generation, more engagement with your already existing fans in Facebook and having a marketing campaign practically automatic. This reduces your costs and increases your efficiency.

We work with companies and brands in order to understand their needs and vision. Then we provide our web based platform, with some add-ons and customizations so you can run the marketing campaigns using Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence.


Custom Made

As a startup, but most importantly, as a team, we have come across very interesting challenges. If you have any ideas, questions or suggestions, don’t be a stranger and get in touch.

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