Case Studies

Our first chatbot in Portugal was implemented in the Facebook Messenger of Lisbon City Hall. Scroll down to know more about some of our solutions that have reached the market.

Lisbon City Hall

Challenge: Provide quicker answers to the citizens and automate some of the most repeated interactions. Reroute people to the correct channels for specific queries.

We started working with Lisbon City Hall in building the Knowledge Base using the history of interactions and the FAQ’s present on their website.

Since the Chatbot went live, we managed to help automate around 70% of the interactions.

When doesn’t know how to answer a question it scales it to a live agent. The live agent can then answer it using our secure web based platform. While answering the citizen, the live agent can then teach Visor how to answer that question the next time.

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Challenge: Reward users who have a Moche paid plan with rewards in different clubs in Lisbon.

Description: We implemented a Chatbot in Moche’s Facebook Messenger. The user would start by referring its phone number, then a Webservice from Moche would give a validation regarding if that user had that paid plan or not. If yes, then the user was entitled to a different set of rewards. Our system made all the interactions automatic, managed to count exactly the number of interactions that occurred, the number of rewards given and a whole lot more data from users that Moche previously didn’t have.

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Increase consumer engagement with the brand;

Sell more Heinekens at the supermarkets;

Capitalize on the biggest summer festival in Portugal, NOS Alive, in which they are a huge sponsor by giving away 500 tickets to an already sold out event;


The main way for consumers to get the sold-out tickets was to accumulate points to change for those tickets. The consumer could gain points in two ways:

○ Buy Heinekens and submit the receipt to the Chabot;

○ Participate on a series of quizzes about the festival.

In order to make this as automatic as possible, the Chabot would automatically read the receipts, using machine learning to recognize the image, check the presence of Heinekens on the purchase and attribute to the consumer the corresponding number of points for the item purchased;

Getting the rewards

After the users collected enough points, they could use the chatbot to see the tickets that were still available. They would then choose the ticket and use their points.

The Chatbot, after a ticket was redeemed, would ask the consumer for their information, such as home address, phone number and ID, in order to send the ticket to their house.