Which Chatbot is the right solution?

Automate you Customer Support

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence can be used to automate and reduce the costs and workload of your customer support team. We use Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning so you don’t need any programming skills.

Chatbots for Customer Support

Increase User Engagement

Chatbots for marketing are becoming a more effective way to communicate with your audience in an automatic way. They can be used to reward your audience, read receipts in real time, generate leads for sales or even subscribe to your loyalty programs.

By the way, nobody is installing new apps anymore.

Chatbots for marketing

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I need something different

Do you have a specific need or challenge that you believe can be solved with Artificial Intelligence and chatbots? If it’s often repeated and frequent interactions, it can! Reach out so we can find a solution together.

Custom made chatbots

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Cloud Based Solution

Our web based, plug and play solution already has a few set of features available for you.

Chatbot Builder

Build your own Chatbot without any programing skills needed. Easy as drag and drop.

Knowledge Base

Setup a Knowledge base for the Chatbot to answer using your FAQs and history of interactions.


Measure the performance of Visor.ai and other analytics in real time. Export those for excel if needed.

WebChat (Chatwidget)

Use our chatwidget in your website to give contact support to your visitors. Just 3 lines of code are required.

Facebook Messenger

Use your Chatbot in a Facebook Page you own in order to interact with your fans.

Image Recognition

Power up with this custom made feature. Use it, for example, to read invoices automatically.


Integrate with CRMs, webservices or other tools that you use in order to automate interactions.

Who works with Visor.ai

Why Visor.ai?

Plug & Play

Integrated solution that allows a simple and quick setup without any need for coding from your side.

Adaptable to each client

All our core technology is developed in-house and can be adapted to meet your needs, through the addition and removal of modules and integrations.

Support & Updates

We work alongside you to ensure the best performance for your chatbot and we also constantly launch new free features in order to maintain and evolve your solution.

Leading solution

We have one of the best Natural Language Processing solutions of the portuguese and spanish markets.